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"She wins who calls herself beautiful and challenges the world to change to truly see her."
Naomi Wolf
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I am thankful

On a more serious note...

I am thankful...

that I have the knowledge I have, and the will to use it to better myself and my world.
There are more important things than being a consumer whore and a mental vacuum.
What are you doing to leave the world you live in a better place?

I am thankful that I have people around me who have the same goals I have, or similar ones.
There are more important things than surrounding yourself with people who will pet you and stroke you and reinforce your self-esteem when you haven't got any.
Where are you going, and are the people around you going there, too?

I am thankful that I woke up when I did, all those years ago, and pulled myself out of the hole I was in to face reality and live my life.
There are more important things than polluting your body and mind with booze, drugs, or random sex partners in order to ignore all those things that are too hard to deal with.
What are you doing to save you from yourself?

Boy, was I stupid.
Whoever's watching my back, thanks.
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I'm going to go home and have lunch.

(yes, lunch, at 11 a.m... I've been up since seven and haven't eaten yet.)

And the coffee maker died, so I have no coffee... except I can do with the coffee what I did with the parsley and make a teabag (leave it alone) out of a coffee filter and some staples.

I will have coffee after all!
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Astrolibs for today...

You're thinking about someone from out of town -- but right now, it might not be easy for you two to actually connect.
Try to hook up early this morning, when an astrological window of opportunity will open, but just for a few hours.


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Oh, and in partial reference to my last post, I found my tub-drowned copy of Still Life With Woodpecker and have begun to re-read it.
Why, I oughta...

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So, new iconey goodness.
K, it's your fault, I blame you. :)

These computers are reminiscent of molasses in January... in Michigan. The library people said that the IT guys are 'working on it' and they're sorry for the inconvenience.

yeah, yeah... whatever, dude.

today... what shall I do today... I shall finish cleaning my room, I think. I'd love to do laundry, but that's going to have to wait.

I have free minutes all weekend, so if you wanna chat me up, give me a call!

Oh, OHOHOH! I remember now... at 1:27 a.m. lastnight/thismorning (whatever) I had woken up just enough to go potty... and then I heard my phone vibrating.
I wasn't sure who the FUCK would be trying to call me at that hour, so I trotted over (as much as one can 'trot' when you're 3/4 asleep) and found "Message Recieved", which, when I opened the folder, turned out to be TM goodness from tendrils!!!!!!! who is my favorite aussie and that was YAYness. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Went back to bed with smiles and cute blonde boys in my head.

And yes, I actually managed to sleep after that, Paulie! ;)
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